DAMSZ changes course

Under the name of #CIMEREVOLUTION, we have created a system totally unique in Hungary, which offers a simple, flexible and up-to-date solution for seasonal employment.

#CIMEREVOLUTION is simply where tradition meets innovation. Maize is one of the most important crops in Hungary, both in terms of sowing area and its importance for food and animal feed. The market is dominated by hybrid varieties due to their high yields and favourable characteristics. It is well known that 100% mechanical detasseling of maize due to labor shortages can result in up to 30% loss in terms of quality and quantity, due to the heterogeneity of varieties.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find sufficient staff, not to mention quality concerns. Nowadays, it’s not enough to recruit from the surrounding towns or villages, a nationwide recruitment strategy is needed. As well as using the latest recruitment methods, we have also introduced revolutionary innovations in other areas. These include, for example, a benefits package considered outstanding in this segment, transparent employment, occupational safety, and we also place great emphasis on our employees’ comfort and recreation on their days off. We want to break down and change the stereotypes associated with agricultural work.

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