Introducing HSA Group

HSA Kft. is now a group of 6 companies. The most well-known ones among these are HSA, the now 36-year-old Meló-Diák, and Keleti Szomszédok. In the light of our 2018 results, we decided to establish an umbrella organisation that would make it absolutely clear that HSA assists its partners with all-round HR services.

In the last 4 years, our company has quadrupled its revenues: from HUF 4 billion in 2015, this year we will be able to generate almost HUF 16 billion in sales, while the number of employees has only increased by 20%, which means that our operational efficiency has improved, too. This growth inspired László Mátyás, CEO of HSA Group to prioritise unified operation not only at an operative level, but also in communication.

“HSA Group was not simply an idea, it was rather a need. Because over the years, we have often found that it is only during negotiations that the breadth of our portfolio becomes apparent. On the one hand, this helps companies who are considering how they could consolidate their day-to-day business: all of their needs can be met by signing a single contract with us, from the employment of students, adults or pensioners to the selection of premium leaders and even simplified employment. On the other hand, this is of great help for us, too, as the complexity mentioned earlier would not ‘surprise’ our partner, rather we can jump straight to solutions and implementation” – said László Mátyás.

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