We have expanded our network with two branch offices

We have opened new branch offices in both Nógrád and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg counties, so now we have 15 branch offices in Hungary altogether. We seek to build a closer relationship with local employees and employers with the help of the offices in Balassagyarmat and Mátészalka.

Balassagyarmat has been of strategic importance for us, making the services of HSA and Szomszédok available also in Nógrád county, so the HSA Group is now present in 9 counties. The task of setting up the office and building local relationships were assigned to Ferenc Deli, the manager of our Budapest and Cegléd branch offices.

Mátészalka and the surrounding area desperately needed an HR service provider that understands the local environment and is able to manage the local labor market in a way that is tailored to the region. We have completed an assessment and taken the necessary steps to bring the opportunities offered by HSA, MELÓ-DIÁK and Szomszédok also to the local community in Mátészalka this year. The branch office will be managed by Zsolt Baráth, our branch manager of Nyíregyháza.

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