We support the NEKA team as shirt sponsor

The National Handball Academy (NEKA) has gained another leading sponsor. In the 2021-2022 season, the largest labor provider in Eastern Hungary, the Debrecen-based HSA Group will sponsor NEKA’s men’s NB I team. The details have been shared with us by László Mátyás, CEO of HSA Group, and Tamás Mocsai, managing director of the National Handball Academy.

– The idea of this cooperation came to me around the middle of last season. I watched these young men perform so well and saw how humble they were. I felt a tremendous amount of energy at every game, whether we attended in person or watched the recorded game. When this whole experience reached my heart, I contacted Tamás Mocsai, and made it clear for him that I would like to help this wonderful team. In the end we agreed to sit down and talk through the details as soon as the season was over, and right after the season ended, we came to an agreement.

– What do you expect from this cooperation?

– I would be really happy if they could make good use of the opportunities we offer, thus increasing the motivation of the young athletes and also the strength of the team. I strongly believe that they will be able to meet the challenges of the NB I league and thus our cooperation can develop continuously. Obviously, the duration of my intentions is not one year, although the contract does expire in one year’s time. Of course, the more these boys improve, the more we can support the work of the team.

Tamás Mocsai was delighted when HSA Group contacted him:

– The work performed at NEKA and the achievements of this institution have caught the attention of the Mr László Mátyás, CEO of HSA Group. This support is much needed for a number of reasons: our youngsters are now competing in the NB I league, which means that some of the incurring costs of the foundation are not deductible.

– What do you expect in this cooperation? 

– This cooperation is really important, because we train Hungarian players, empowering them to demonstrate their capabilities in the top league, despite of their young age. HSA Group has 100% Hungarian background, and has been working with young and talented people for the last 20 years, so the attitude they support us with is the same as ours. It’s always life-changing for an athlete how they perform after completing their training, and this is decided in this sensitive period between the ages of 19 and 21. We are happy that we find supporters who help as many Hungarian young people as possible to get in the NB I league and have a chance to play. This facilitates the improvement of Hungarian handball and the positive performance of the national team, too.

In the first round of the K&H men’s league, reigning champions PICK Szeged will host NEKA at the Újszeged Sports Hall on 10 September.

Source: neka.hu

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