Operations started in 2000 in Debrecen, Hungary as a temporary staffing and recruitment agency. It has been present in the HR sector for over 20 years and has helped nearly 150,000 employees find work, from unskilled workers to CEOs.

Services: temporary staffing, recruitment, executive search, relocation


Hungary’s oldest and market-leading school co-operative. Since 1983, it has been providing relevant jobs for students, as well as a young, enthusiastic and energetic workforce for the companies that employ them. 

Services: employment of students


It has been a player of the Hungarian labour market since 2001 and provides professional assistance to its partners from the first steps to the implementation of the entire HR process, if required. According to government regulation No. 226/2022. (VI. 28.), the company is a qualified temporary staffing agency.

Services: temporary staffing, recruitment, executive search, employment of third country nationals


Hungary’s largest cooperative for pensioners and parents of small children, offering favourable and safe conditions for the employment of old-age pensioners and employees on childcare allowance.

Services: employment of pensioners ad parents of small children


Our cooperative was established in 2014 with the aim of helping inactive workers re-enter the primary labour market through a flexible and predictable employment scheme.

Services: simplified and seasonal employment, contract labour


Since 2014, it has been engaged in the simplified and seasonal employment of blue-collar workers, the production of packaging materials, and contract work for its partners.

Services: simplified and seasonal employment, manufacturing of packaging material, contract labour


Launched in 2018, the agency started with graphic design projects and web development, evolving into a full-service agency in 2020, with 360° marketing solutions.

Our services: 360° marketing, web development, graphic design



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