An addition to our company

Within a strategic cooperation, a new company has joined HSA Group. As a qualified temporary employment agency, Starjobs Magyarország Kft. is one of the flagship human services providers of Hungary, and since May, we have joined forces to address labor shortages and support the staff management of businesses operating in Hungary.

Launched in 2001, Starjobs has established a robust position in providing HR support to SSCs and in meeting white-collar staffing needs. Furthermore, it is one of the few staffing service providers allowed to recruit and employ third-country employees under a simplified procedure.

“Our company is already one of the leading staffing service providers in Hungary. At the same time, I’m convinced that cooperation with Starjobs can further strengthen our current position on the Hungarian labor market,” said László Mátyás, CEO of HSA Group Zrt.

“The labor market challenges of the coming era can only be met through innovative solutions and the use of digitalisation. Starjobs and HSA Group are able to mobilise synergies that enable a higher standard of support for our existing and prospective partners than ever before,” said Péter Megyeri, Managing Director of Starjobs Magyarország Kft.

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