Organisational development

After a year of hard work, the operational management of the HSA Group has been transformed. Starting in July, 3 new Regional Managers and 11 new Branch Managers will join us, officially appointed as of today.

“We have started a new chapter in the history of the HSA Group, as such a large-scale organisational development is unprecedented here. We have also developed our talent management scheme, which is another great advantage for us. The foundations for everything that starts today were laid in 2021. In this process, I had the easiest task: I drew up the org chart, then organised the training sessions and couldn’t be happier that everyone passed the test. I’m deeply convinced that with this step, HSA Group will also keep improving further. After reviewing the applications, 11 talented project managers were selected to be onboarded over a 6-month period side-by-side, while carrying out their managerial duties as well. I’m proud of their performance, no exception” , said László Mátyás, CEO of HSA Group.

Our Branch Manager in Eger, István Kánya joins Szilvia Görgényi from July, and will continue to improve the region of Northern Hungary together. The head of our Békéscsaba and Szolnok branch offices, György Molnár will be responsible for the Central Hungarian Region as Regional Manager. The manager of the Szeged and Szentes branch offices, Dávid Varga will take over the Southern Hungary region. Csongor Oláh keeps his position as the manager of the Eastern Hungary region.

There have been many more changes related to branch managers. From now on, Adrián Bencsik, Angelika Cseh, József Cseke, Richárd Fésű, Dorina Járosi, Máté József Kovács, Krisztián Kulcsár, Ádám Laborc, Márton Szabadfalvi, Tímea Szilágyi and Viktor Zselenák join Ferenc Deli, Gyula Fedor and Annamária Leskó as branch managers.

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